Winning Florida’s Future Is Not a Spectator Sport

As you know, winning Florida’s future is not a spectator sport. It takes tenacity, focus, significant resources and an unwavering commitment to free enterprise. In other words, free enterprise isn’t free.
As we look at Florida’s economic horizon, it’s clear Florida is making significant strides. More than 715,000 private-sector jobs have been created since Governor Rick Scott was first elected, thousands of regulations have been eliminated or improved, taxes have been cut and Florida is now the third most populous state in the nation.
But, free enterprise isn’t free and your support is as important as ever.
To secure Florida’s future, we must:

  • Continue championing education reforms for a globally competitive workforce,
  • Vigorously pursue additional regulatory reforms at every turn,
  • Strengthen global trade, manufacturing and logistics, and adopt the Florida Chamber Foundation’s Trade and Logistics 2.0 Report recommendations,
  • Fight for a more competitive business climate by championing lawsuit abuse reform and other tax cuts that lower the cost of living for Floridians,
  • Create long-term, sustainable solutions for future water, transportation and energy needs,
  • Push toward innovations that encourage government to create an environment that fosters private-sector job growth, and
  • Address changing healthcare demographics and policies to ensure a sound quality of life.

Join us in the arena to make Florida more competitive. When you engage and take action, the Florida Chamber wins and Florida wins.