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Water Regulations and Resources



Supporting Science-Based Water Solutions


Why It Matters to Florida

Florida’s ongoing economic recovery has fueled growth in all areas- from population growth to private-sector job creation. In fact, Florida is now the third most populous state in the nation and we have created more than one million private-sector jobs since December 2010.
But an increased population means an increased need for vital resources such as water. Florida’s population is expected to grow by six million more residents by 2030, residents that will consume approximately nine billion gallons of water each day. From a single glass of water to fueling Florida’s large agriculture economy, water discussions must take into account the needs of the future so sound policies can be enacted today.

Florida’s Competitiveness Agenda

The Florida Chamber growth estimates place Florida’s water demand at 20 percent higher between now and 2030. The Florida Chamber understands that enacting strong, science-based water quality standards now will protect Florida’s natural and economic resources for the future.

The Fight for Free Enterprise Continues

With a larger population and an increasing demand for resources on the horizon, science-based solutions that take into account the needs of Floridians and our precious natural resources will help move us in the right direction. Adopting smart growth policies will benefit small businesses and families by growing the private sector and will protect Florida’s natural resources for the future.

Act Now

Adopting smart policies that take into consideration long-term need, will benefit Florida’s families and businesses. Join us in our battle to find sustainable water solutions for our state.

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