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Urge Lawmakers to Reduce the Florida-Only Business Rent Tax

As we enter the last week of Florida’s 2019 Legislative Session, lawmakers in the House and Senate continue negotiations on a tax package. The proposed tax package is reportedly set at $90 million, but inclusion of a reduction in the Florida-only business rent tax remains undecided at this time.  

The business rent tax has been a legislative priority for the House, Senate and the Florida Chamber of Commerce for the last several years and is currently set at 5.7 percent.  While Florida boasts one of the best business climates in the nation, the Florida-only business rent tax remains a significant burden on Florida job creators— costing businesses $2 billion annually.  Reducing this tax and enacting smart and targeted tax reforms for job creators will produce greater economic growth and allow business owners to reinvest in their business. 

Take Two Minutes

Take two minutes to urge the below lawmakers to include a reduction to the Florida-only business rent tax in the final 2019 tax package.

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