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The Florida Equality of Opportunity Initiative Launches Strategic Plan to Level Up Efforts to Unite Florida Leaders on the Path to Prosperity

Kyle Baltuch during the Florida Chamber Foundation’s 2022 Florida Prosperity & Economic Opportunity Solution Summit.

By: Kyle Baltuch, SVP of Equality of Opportunity, Florida Chamber Foundation

Over the past year, the Florida Chamber Foundation has been working diligently to take our efforts to the next level to ensure every child in Florida has an equal opportunity at earned success. This has included first of its kind research into the state of the root causes of poverty throughout Florida, updates to the Florida Gap Map that provide Florida’s business and community leaders deeper insights into  their communities, and the continuation of our statewide summits focused on bringing together the best and brightest to learn about new and innovative solutions  addressing these challenges at all levels throughout Florida.  Thanks to the dedication of our volunteer leaders in the business community, the word about the Florida Equality of Opportunity Initiative has amplified, and with it, more adoption of the Florida Model. Recently, you may have noticed a lot of new content coming out of the Florida Equality of Opportunity Initiative. This is strategic. With more stories to tell and continued adoption of the Florida Model, we are kicking our outreach efforts into high gear. Below are just a few ways we have leveled up our engagement plan to continue to spread the movement:

I encourage you and your organization to engage in the efforts above, our other ongoing efforts, and to spread the word throughout your network.  Additionally, we would love to share with you one-on-one how the Florida Model, based on zip code level investments, can improve outcomes in your community.

If you would like to learn more about how you can get involved in one or more of the Florida Equality of Opportunity Initiative’s three projects focused on securing the path to prosperity for ALL Floridians, visit our webpage HERE> and contact Zenani Johnson at zjohnson@flchamber.com or 850-521-1291.

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