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The Florida Chamber Announces Incumbent Endorsements

The Florida Chamber of Commerce is again uniting Florida’s business community to help make Florida more competitive, and today endorsed a bipartisan list of eighteen Senate incumbents and over fifty House incumbents running for reelection this year.

These legislators have a strong track record of securing Florida’s future by regularly promoting free enterprise and job creation. These endorsements are based, in large part, on Legislator’s actual grades earned on The Florida Chamber of Commerce Legislative Report Card.

“The Florida Chamber has a long and proven track record of endorsing incumbent candidates who continue to drive sound policy helping Florida maintain a pro-jobs climate and safeguarding the strength of our economy,” said Mark Wilson, President and CEO, Florida Chamber of Commerce. “We trust these incumbent legislators to make Florida’s future a priority, focusing on job creation and further economic opportunity for everyone.”

The Florida Chamber is proud to stand alongside the following legislators, putting its full 100-plus years of combined political experience behind getting them reelected.

District 1: Senator Doug Broxson
District 6: Senator Jennifer Bradley*
District 7: Senator Travis Hutson
District 8: Senator Tom A. Wright
District 9: Senator Keith Perry
District 10: Senator Jason Brodeur
District 13: Senator Dennis Baxley
District 17: Senator Linda Stewart
District 19: Senator Debbie Mayfield*
District 20: Senator Jim Boyd
District 21: Senator Ed Hooper
District 22: Senator Joe Gruters
District 23: Senator Danny Burgess
District 27: Senator Ben Albritton
District 28: Senate President Designate Kathleen Passidomo*
District 31: Senator Gayle Harrell*
District 36: Senator Ileana Garcia
District 40: Senator Ana Maria Rodriguez*

House of Representatives:
District 1: Representative Michelle Salzman
District 2: Representative Robert Alexander “Alex” Andrade
District 4: Representative Patt Maney*
District 7: Representative Jason Shoaf*
District 10: Representative Robert Charles “Chuck” Brannan III*
District 11: Representative Sam Garrison
District 12: Representative Wyman Duggan*
District 18: Representative Cyndi Stevenson*
District 19: Speaker Designate Paul Renner
District 20: Representative Bobby Payne
District 22: Representative Charles Wesley “Chuck” Clemons, Sr.
District 23: Representative Ralph E. Massullo, MD
District 24: Representative Joe Harding*
District 26: Representative Keith L. Truenow
District 27: Representative Stan McClain*
District 28: Representative Thomas J. “Tom” Leek
District 31: Representative Tyler I. Sirois*
District 32: Representative Thad Altman*
District 33: Representative Randy Fine
District 35: Representative Fred Hawkins
District 38: Representative David Smith
District 48: Representative Sam H. Killebrew*
District 49: Representative Melony M. Bell*
District 51: Representative Josie Tomkow
District 54: Representative Randall Scott “Randy” Maggard
District 61: Representative Linda Chaney
District 66: Representative Traci Koster
District 68: Representative Lawrence McClure
District 70: Representative Michael Beltran
District 71: Representative William Cloud “Will” Robinson, Jr.*
District 72: Representative Tommy Gregory
District 73: Representative Fiona McFarland
District 74: Representative James Buchanan*
District 75: Representative Michael Grant*
District 76: Representative Spencer Roach*
District 78: Representative Jenna Persons-Mulicka
District 79: Representative Mike Giallombardo*
District 80: Representative Adam Botana
District 81: Representative Bob Rommel*
District 82: Representative Lauren Melo*
District 83: Representative Kaylee Tuck*
District 84: Representative Dana Trabulsy
District 85: Representative Tobin Rogers “Toby” Overdorf
District 86: Representative John Snyder
District 87: Representative Michael A. “Mike” Caruso
District 94: Representative Rick Roth
District 100: Representative Chip LaMarca
District 110: Representative Tom Fabricio*
District 111: Representative David Borrero*
District 112: Representative Alex Rizo*
District 114: Representative Demi Busatta Cabrera
District 116: Representative Daniel Perez*
District 118: Representative Juan Alfonso Fernandez-Barquin
District 120: Representative James Vernon “Jim” Mooney, Jr.

*These candidates have been reelected due to no candidate qualifying to oppose them. The Florida Chamber endorses their return to the Florida Legislature.


Further endorsements will follow.

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