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Thank You for Taking the Agriculture and Natural Resources Survey!

Thank you for sharing your current challenges in the agriculture and natural resources industry. Your answers matter and they will help us move Florida forward.

Florida’s agriculture and natural resources industry is one of Florida’s foundational sectors and continues to lead the way in the nation’s production of fresh fruits and vegetables. But Florida’s agriculture industry brings more to the table than fruits and vegetables – from honey bees and timber, to trade and logistics, to some of the world’s most important R&D, Florida’s agriculture and natural resources industry is diverse. As we look at the jobs of the future, this industry is unique in that it not only faces similar skills gap and population growth challenges Florida faces, but it also confronts unique threats from natural disasters. The Florida Chamber is fighting to secure Florida’s future and, we hope you will help us help you by returning our important survey.


FUN FACT: Did you know the Florida Chamber was Florida’s first association dedicated to fighting for Florida’s Agriculture industry. 

In 1916, Florida’s Ag leaders formed the Florida Cattle Tick Eradication Committee and, although we’ve changed our name since then, we’re always working to grow opportunities in and for Florida.



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