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Thank You for Supporting Free Enterprise Without Job Killing Mandates

Florida’s economy has been rocked by the coronavirus. If projections hold true and Q4 ends up being the first quarter in sometime where the economy returns to some level of normalcy, nothing could be worse than to implement a $15/hr minimum wage.

America’s largest personal injury firm has spent approximately $7 million to buy the $15 mandate onto the presidential election ballot, which alone should be enough cause for alarm. The proposal for Florida to be the only state in America to constitutionally mandate the minimum wage to $15 will negatively impact job growth, limit opportunities for entry-level workers, increase prices and put many small businesses, out of business. Regardless, the $15 constitutional mandate will be on the November 2020 ballot.

Now is NOT the Time to Raise a Minimum Wage in Florida.

CLICK HERE to learn why a $15 mandate is bad for Florida and worse for Floridians.

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