Mark Wilson

President and CEO


Mark Wilson serves as president and chief executive officer of Florida’s largest and most influential business advocacy organization. Wilson leads the substantial political, lobbying, grassroots, and economic research operations of the Florida Chamber of Commerce. The Florida Chamber focuses on making Florida more competitive by creating a business climate that generates prosperity and high-paying jobs.

Through his focus on unifying the business community, Wilson created the Florida Business Agenda and the Florida Chamber Grassroots Network, which mobilizes Florida’s business community on key jobs issues ranging from taxes and talent, to lawsuit abuse and regulatory. Wilson was also the first president of the Florida Justice Reform Institute, a Florida Chamber partner organization focused on reducing frivolous lawsuits.

In addition to his legislative successes, Wilson is also the architect of groundbreaking statewide political campaigns that safeguarded our economy through significant constitutional amendment reforms, as well as numerous legislative and issue campaigns. In addition to statewide political campaigns, the Chamber’s political efforts are making sure the right people are elected and unelected in the Florida legislature.

Wilson serves on the Board of Directors of Florida Association of Chamber Professionals, Enterprise Florida, Leadership Florida, the Florida Chamber of Commerce, the Florida Chamber Foundation, a regular participant in the Florida Council of 100, serves as the National Chair of the Council of State Chambers, and is an active member of the U.S. Chamber’s Committee of 100.

A native of Illinois, Wilson received his undergraduate degree from the University of Georgia and has earned the national designation of Certified Chamber Executive (CCE). Prior to joining the Florida Chamber, Wilson served as vice president of the Chicagoland Chamber and previously served with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.