Lori Costantino-Brown

President and CEO, Bridges of America (Orlando)


Lori Costantino-Brown, President and CEO of Bridges of America, Inc., helped develop one of the first and most effective models for prison-diversion programs in the country and is at the forefront of advocating reforms that have and will save Floridians millions of taxpayer dollars through cost-effective, evidence-based programs that change criminal behavior.

At Bridges of America’s seven facilities throughout the State of Florida, inmates and court-referred substance abusers receive intensive counseling, job training, and education. Under Lori’s guidance, Bridges of America has grown from a single contract with the Department of Corrections to becoming the leading provider of substance abuse treatment and work release programs in Florida. She was previously a Certified Addictions Specialist and Certified Associate Addictions Professional before taking a more active role at the Corporate Office.

Lori Costantino-Brown was appointed President and CEO of Bridges of America in 2006, succeeding Frank Costantino, the organization’s founder. Over the past 30 years Lori has played a key role in the transformation of Bridges of America; she has personally reengineered the organization as Director of Quality Management, Chief Operations Officer, and Senior Vice President.

Lori has a passion for addiction treatment and recovery. Her insightful experience with substance abuse treatment gives her a unique perspective on the criminal mind and addictive behaviors of offenders at every stage of recovery. As a longtime resident of Orlando, Florida, Lori has had a major impact on family reunification and public safety in Central Florida. Mrs. Costantino-Brown never stops, never gives up, and keeps her focus on a simple but deeply rooted belief: People can change.