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Strengthening Florida’s Leadership in Space Exploration


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Why It Matters to Florida

As NASA’s role continues to evolve private aerospace companies are playing increasingly important roles in space exploration. Florida must aggressively compete to remain the preeminent location for spaceflight activities, engage in more research and development and capitalize and grow Florida’s existing space industry talent supply. Florida’s aerospace industry helps to generate bold economic development initiatives and brings much needed jobs not only to Florida’s Space Coast, but throughout Florida.

Florida’s Competitiveness Agenda

The Florida Chamber will continue to push for targeted investments in technological advancements for both civil and commercial space projects, and ensure that Florida maintains its leadership role in space. The Florida Chamber will also continue to advocate for initiatives that fund aviation improvements and grow our highly skilled and educated aerospace workforce. Encouraging targeted investments in technological advancements for both civil and commercial space projects ensures Florida remains the leader in America’s space business.

The Fight for Free Enterprise Continues

With new programs and innovations bringing life back to Florida’s Space Coast, the Florida Chamber remains committed to strengthening Florida’s leadership in space exploration by supporting growing public and commercial space initiatives, and investing and growing skilled aerospace workforce.

Act Now

Add your voice to those who support innovative growth in Florida’s aviation and aerospace industries by joining the Florida Chamber in our fight to secure Florida’s future.

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