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Senator Kathleen Passidomo Discusses the Importance of Targeted Tax Reform


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In the latest edition of the Florida Chamber’s Bottom Line, Senator Kathleen Passidomo discusses the importance of targeted tax reform.

Senator Passidomo explains that Florida’s tax climate is in much better shape, but also believes that there are areas that need improvement.

“Most everyone in the legislature realizes that in order to create a vibrant business climate [economic development] we need to do a number of things which would include reducing taxes on our businesses, reducing regulations and also helping our residents,” Senator Passidomo said. “There are a number of measures that have been filed, most of them dealing with sales tax and homestead type exemptions. The one thing I am a little disappointed in is that we aren’t going to tackle the business rent tax again this year. But, that is a big dollar number and I think everyone realizes that’s going to be a process and we will do that over time.”

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