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Senate Committee Will Not Hear Anti-Business Bill This Week

Trial Lawyer-Friendly SB 794 May Be Heard Next Week

The Senate Judiciary Committee, which was scheduled to hear Senator Jeremy Ring’s (D-Margate) anti-business SB 794, will not meet this morning. After an overwhelming response by the business community to Sen. Ring’s anti-business bill, which had already been delayed once during a previous committee meeting, the trial lawyer-friendly legislation will now have to wait another week.

SB 794 seeks to make businesses pay interest on judgments in addition to the amount a judge or jury awards, thus driving up the legal costs for businesses. Another adverse reaction to this bill is that it would force many businesses into unfair settlements because of the fear of paying even more by fighting the lawsuit in court.

You may recall Sen. Ring referred to his bill as the “annual battle royale between the trial lawyers and the business community.” It seems as though the business community is winning the battle, but will you commit to helping us win the war?

We will keep you posted on when the next meeting is, but we need you to be prepared to contact key legislators at a moment’s notice.

Why is SB 794 Harmful for Florida Businesses?

This legislation is bad for Florida’s businesses because the bill:

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