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Securing Florida’s Water Future – Legislative Update

At the start of the 2015 Florida Legislative Session, the Florida House developed comprehensive water legislation that addressed issues – such as water supply plans, water quality, the Central Florida Water Initiative, Northern Everglades impacts and springs restoration. With guidance from the Florida Chamber, and the leadership of Speaker Steve Crisafulli (R-Merritt Island) and Rep. Matt Caldwell  (R-Lehigh Acres), this legislation – HB 7003 – passed the House overwhelmingly on March 5th.

“To ignore the growing demand for, and the quality of,
our water supply leaves our state incredibly vulnerable.”

– Speaker Steve Crisafulli,
Florida House of Representatives


HB 7003 is now being vetted in the Senate, a discussion that began earlier this week.

The Florida Chamber supports securing Florida’s water future by developing science-based water solutions that encourage the use of alternative water supplies to help promote sustainable economic growth.

As lawmakers continue to discuss solutions to Florida’s long-term water future and Amendment 1, the Florida Chamber believes:

Watch and Share This Short Water Video:

Water is an important issue throughout Florida for different reasons. Watch and share this short video that explains why so much importance is being placed on securing Florida’s water future.

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