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Florida Jobs 2030


A Cornerstone Series Report for the Florida 2030 Initiative

By 2030, Florida will add 4 million more residents and will need to create 2 million net new jobs. At the same time, rapid innovation technology will drive increased automation, globalization, digitization, and advances in machine learning in the next decade and a half. While these shifts are already well underway, by 2030 these and other disruptive technologies will lead to the development of new jobs and a shift in the skills and competencies required for existing jobs within the state’s economy. Though many of the jobs Floridians will hold in 2030 have not yet emerged, Florida has a strategic opportunity to prepare for these shifts by leveraging its many assets and changing demographics to make decisions that will have generational benefits and create economic opportunity for millions of Floridians.

Florida Jobs 2030 is an analysis of the state’s 21st-century jobs. This analysis draws on labor market research and qualitative interviews with more than 90 stakeholders from Florida’s business, education, nonprofit, and workforce communities to examine these 21st-century jobs, the skills required to perform them, and anticipated gaps in the labor market.

To prepare for projected shifts in Florida’s labor market and the changing landscape of skills required for 21st-century jobs, the report also highlights five core recommendations for policymakers, educators, and Florida’s business community:

Will Florida’s workforce be prepared?

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