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July 09, 2012 |

Survey Reveals Why Some Firms Relocate To or From Florida

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Information gathered will help inform decisions related to economic development in Florida.

Tallahassee, FL (July 9, 2012) – The Florida Chamber Foundation, the research and solutions arm of the Florida Chamber of Commerce, released a first-of-its-kind survey on why companies move into and out of Florida. Results of this initial baseline study will help inform decisions related to economic development in Florida, with the goal of improving the business climate of our state.

In Florida, we hold a long term vision to achieve prosperity, global competitiveness and vibrant communities for Floridians and businesses to thrive. As firms become increasingly mobile and exercise the prerogative to relocate based upon local conditions, the ability to attract, retain and expand private sector activity is a key objective of Florida’s economic development initiatives. In order to better understand what drives decisions to relocate, the Florida Chamber Foundation surveyed nineteen firms that recently relocated either to or from Florida based upon the Six Pillars of Florida’s Future Economy.

“In an economic environment where approximately794,000 of our fellow Floridians are unemployed, it is imperative to understand what is driving firms to either enter or leave the state,” said Dr. Carrie Blanchard, Director of Research and Policy for the Florida Chamber Foundation.

This first wave of results comes from 19 unique business organizations that either relocated to or from Florida between January 2011 to June 2011. When asked directly what the main determinate in choosing to relocate was, firms’ responses fell in three categories: access to a well trained/educated workforce, a positive tax climate or business incentives and geographic location.

Key findings include:

To view the full survey summary please visit our website here.

The Foundation will continue to survey companies on an annual basis in order for Florida’s economic development leaders to have a clear understanding of specific factors that impact the decision for firm relocation.

“Holding a long-term vision for the competitiveness of our state in conjunction with the data to make informed decisions is imperative for the well-being of Florida’s citizens and business organizations alike,” said Jane Adams, Vice President of University Relations at the University of Florida and Chair of the Florida Chamber Foundation Board of Trustees.