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Preparing for Innovation & Water Solutions


On the latest Florida Chamber Bottom Line, Jeff Littlejohn, President of Littlejohn, Mann & Associates, explains what Florida’s business community should be prepared for going into the 2019 Legislative Session and speaks to the importance of strong leadership in the areas of water quality and water infrastructure.

“Are there opportunities to improve? Absolutely,” said Littlejohn. “There are some really exciting things coming out of the Department of Transportation where they are talking more about innovating around storm water management…and I do think there is opportunities to improve in the area of septic tanks as well.”


Three Ways You Can Help Secure Florida’s Water Future:

  1. Join the Florida Chamber’s Infrastructure Coalition.
  2. Watch and share the latest short educational video featuring FAU research professor Dr. Brian Lapointe.
  3. Participate in the Florida Chamber Foundation’s Water Caucus.


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