Florida Chamber Endorsements

With Your Help, We Can Support Candidates Who Will Make Florida’s Future a Priority

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To secure Florida’s future, we need a legislature that focuses on free enterprise principles and job creation. The Florida Chamber’s thorough and intense endorsement process sends a very strong signal that Florida families and small businesses can feel confident in supporting these candidates. Candidates who were endorsed were evaluated on numerous factors, including their historical grades on the Florida Chamber’s Legislative Report Card and the Florida Chamber Political Institute’s (FCPI) candidate interview sessions across Florida. FCPI members interviewed more than 100 non-incumbent candidates.

“The Florida Chamber has a long-standing reputation of only endorsing those candidates who are brave enough to place Florida’s long-term future before short-term and politically popular fixes,” said MARIAN JOHNSON, Senior Vice President of Political Operations for the Florida Chamber of Commerce. “It’s these candidates that will help ensure Florida continues to create jobs and economic opportunity and we are proud to support each of them in their efforts.”


Florida Senate


Florida House of Representatives


Congratulations to the following Florida chamber endorsed elected officials who have won their General Election already.

Florida Senate

  • District 2: George Gainer (R)
  • District 4: Senator Aaron Bean (R) – Incumbent
  • District 9: Senator David Simmons (R) – Incumbent
  • District 10: Senator Wilton Simpson (R) – Incumbent
  • District 20: Senator Tom Lee (R) – Incumbent
  • District 21: Senator Bill Galvano (R) – Incumbent
  • District 26: Senator Denise Grimsley (R) – Incumbent
  • District 29: Representative Kevin Rader (R)

Florida House of Representatives

  • District 3: Jayer Williamson (R)
  • District 7: Representative Halsey Beshears (R) – Incumbent
  • District 17: Representative Cyndi Stevenson (R) – Incumbent
  • District 20: Representative Clovis Watson (D) – Incumbent
  • District 22: Representative Charlie Stone (R) – Incumbent
  • District 32: Representative Larry Metz (R) – Incumbent
  • District 37: Representative Richard Corcoran (R) – Incumbent
  • District 44: Representative Eric Eisnaugle (R) — Incumbent
  • District 55: Representative Cary Pigman (R) – Incumbent
  • District 57: Representative Jake Raburn (R) – Incumbent
  • District 71: Representative Jim Boyd (R – Incumbent
  • District 75: Candidate Michael Grant (R)
  • District 81: Senator Joe Abruzzo (D)
  • District 84: Representative Larry Lee, Jr. (D) — Incumbent
  • District 87: David Silvers (D)
  • District 88: Al Jacquet (D)
  • District 89: Representative Bill Hager (R) – Incumbent
  • District 98: Representative Katie Edwards (D) — Incumbent
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