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As Floridians, we know the importance of every vote. Our state has a rich history in elections decided on the narrowest of margins. The Florida Chamber engages in all aspects of Florida’s elections because, when it comes to securing Florida’s future, the stakes couldn’t be higher. Florida’s political landscape is continually changing. More voters are choosing NPA (no party affiliation) and the gap is closing between Republican and Democratic voters. And this year, voters will go to the polls and be asked to vote on a new leader of our nation, an open U.S. Senate seat, all 27 congressional representatives, all 40 state senate and all 120 house leaders, the retention of four Florida Supreme Court Justices, and four proposed constitutional amendments. But will voters be empowered to vote for candidates who support free enterprise, and who will stand for what’s right, even when it’s not easy?

Read Mark Wilson’s note to the Florida Times Union: Don’t Let Kakistocracy Take Your Vote Away.

Early Voting and Vote-By-Mail Reports: November 8, 2016

Early voting and vote-by-mail reports are available by county, house districts, senate districts and congressional districts. Reports are posted each day before 4 p.m. Click the link below download Excel files of the reports.


2016 Florida Election Guide DOWNLOAD GUIDE >

The Florida Chamber of Commerce and Florida Farm Bureau are pleased to provide the 2016 Election Guide to serve as your resource for the upcoming General Election. During a presidential election, it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement at the very top of the ballot, but there’s more to this election than just the presidential race. As the saying goes, all politics is local. And that’s more important than ever .
This year, all 160 seats in the Florida Legislature, 27 Congressional seats and one U .S . Senate seat will stand for election . Additionally, there will be four proposed amendments to the Florida Constitution .
We hope you’ll agree that it’s incredibly important for all Floridians to be well-informed and have their voices heard on November 8 . We encourage you to share this guide with others and support greater participation in our state’s voting process.


2016 Primary Election LEARN MORE > 

The Florida Chamber’s Political Program helps deliver primary victories for 76 of 89 endorsed candidates. Early this summer, the Florida Chamber interviewed more than 200 candidates for the Florida House and Senate. The Florida Chamber endorsed 110 candidates, 21 of whom won without an opponent, and 89 of whom had a primary contest. This diverse group of Florida Chamber-backed candidates included Democrats, Republicans, men and women, African-Americans, Hispanics, an Indonesian American, and Caucasians.Download Primary Election results and view voting and absentee reports.


Florida Senate Candidates LEARN MORE >

In 2016, 40 state senate seats will be on the ballot. One hundred and seventeen candidates have qualified to run for the Florida Senate. Learn who qualified, who the Florida Chamber endorsed and more.


Florida House Candidates LEARN MORE >

This year, all 120 house leaders are up for election. Three hundred and eleven candidates have officially qualified to run for the Florida House of Representatives. Learn who qualified, who the Florida Chamber endorsed and more.


Florida Chamber Endorsements LEARN MORE >

The Florida Chamber has a long-standing reputation of only endorsing those candidates who are brave enough to place Florida’s long-term future before short-term and politically popular fixes. It’s these candidates that will help ensure Florida continues to create jobs and economic opportunity and we are proud to support each of them in their efforts.


Constitutional Amendments LEARN MORE >

This fall Florida voters are expected to head to the polls to cast their vote on five proposed constitutional amendments.


Looking for Just the Facts? LEARN MORE >

Florida Wins, a non-partisan news and information resource, provides the tools you need to register to vote, find your candidates and learn more about issues that affect your family and livelihood.


The Florida Chamber will remain focused on fighting for Florida’s future by endorsing pro-jobs candidates who will help lead Florida in the right direction. With your help, we can support the candidates who will make Florida’s future a priority.





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