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New Florida Chamber Statewide Poll Shows Strong Support for AOB Reform

The latest statewide poll by the Florida Chamber of Commerce shows voters overwhelmingly support Assignment of Benefits (AOB) insurance reform to help lower the cost of living for Floridians.

Conducted on behalf of the Florida Chamber’s Consumer Protection Coalition, statewide polling results show:

During the first week of the 2018 Legislative Session, the Florida House passed its priority AOB reform legislation – House Bill 7015 by Rep. Jay Trumbull – which addresses attorney fees in AOB lawsuits. The Florida Senate has not yet signaled it wants to protect consumers from AOB fraud and abuse that’s driving up the cost of living for Floridians – despite clear evidence that AOB abuse is hurting consumers statewide. Senate Bill 62 by Sen. Dorothy Hukill has not yet received a hearing. The Florida Chamber supports both bills.

AOB abuse has exploded in recent years with the number of lawsuits involving an AOB growing from a mere 405 in 2006 to more than 28,000 in 2016 – an increase of more than 6,800 percent. Last year, 20,000 lawsuits were filed as of July, and stakeholders agree that SB 62 is the solution that will best protect consumers from falling victim to unscrupulous repair vendors and contractors that would seek to abuse AOBs to turn a profit.

Stop AOB Insurance Abuse – Sign the Petition Today

Florida homeowners are being targeted by dishonest home repair vendors who team up with shady trial lawyers to take advantage of them. Help stop AOB insurance abuse and sign the Consumer Protection Coalition’s petition today.

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