Robert E. White, Jr.

White_Robert_1696_1459Robert E. White, Jr. is President of First Professionals Insurance Company, Anesthesiologists Professional Assurance Company, Intermed Insurance Company and Chairman of the Board of Advocate, MD Insurance of the Southwest. These four companies are subsidiaries of FPIC Insurance Group, Inc. The companies insure over 18,000 policyholders and had written premiums of over $200 million in 2010. Mr. White has 43 years of experience in the insurance industry. Mr. White participated in the start up of the Medical Inter-Insurance Exchange of New Jersey and Midwest Medical Insurance Company. Prior to those activities he worked for commercial carriers including Chubb Pacific Indemnity.

Before assuming general management responsibilities with First Professionals, Mr. White served as Director of Claims and Loss Prevention (1982-1998) and later served as Senior Vice President of Southern Division Claims (1998-1999) for ProNational Insurance Company (formerly known as Physicians Protective Trust Fund, and now known as ProAssurance). He has played a role in the legislative process in Florida’s tort reform battles since 1982.

Mr. White is a member of the Board of Governors of the Florida Medical Malpractice Joint Underwriting Association having served as its Chairman from 2010 to 2012, Chairman of the Board of the Florida Justice Reform Institute, Past Chairman of the Board of Advocate, MD Financial Group, Inc., Past Chairman of the Board of Advocate Insurance Services, Inc., Board Member of the Florida Insurance Council and a member of their Executive Committee and Past Board Member of the Physicians Insurance Association of America. He also serves as a Board Member of Health Care Insurance Facility, FPIC Insurance Agency, Anesthesiologists Professional Assurance Company, Tenere Insurance Group, Intermed Insurance Company, Interlex Insurance Company, First Professionals Insurance Company, Trout Insurance Services and Insurance Services, Inc. He graduated from San Francisco State University (Magna Cum Laude).