Launch My Career is a free interactive website that helps students determine their ideal majors and jobs based on programs at public institutions and training programs in Florida, and help close Florida’s talent and skills gap. It highlights in-demand jobs and desirable skills within the state’s job market, and the return on investment (ROI) students can expect based on the major and Florida higher education certificate program they choose.

The online tool is a starting place for conversations that can help current and prospective students cut through the confusion and make more informed decisions about the training and skills that can lead to well-paying jobs and a good life now and for future career goals. helps you:

  • Identifies hot jobs in demand across the state and in particular regions, as well as the degree or certificate programs that will prepare students for those roles
  • Compares projected future earnings to the investment required to graduate from a particular school and program
  • Analyzes the earnings potential of many career options
  • Helps students understand the personal and professional satisfaction that accompanies different careers and courses of study

Other features of the tool include a lifestyle goal calculator, showing the number of years it will take for the salary from a particular occupation to meet a user’s lifestyle goals, and a break-even calculator, which shows the number of years it will take after completing a particular degree program for earnings to exceed the total net price of the program.


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Catch up on the Most Recent Webinar

Leaders from around the state recently joined us on a webinar, where we gave a sneak peak on the functions of the Launch My Career Florida website. Catch up on the conversation by clicking the audio below.


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