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Telemedicine Could Save Floridians More Than $1 Billion a Year

Telemedicine is the new frontier in healthcare innovation, allowing healthcare personnel to provide medical consultations through electronic communication instead of in-person visits and improving quality patient care, treatment, education and services. In addition to saving lives, telemedicine has the potential to save Florida taxpayers more than $1 billion a year in costly medical interventions and emergency room visits.

While telemedicine can benefit everyone by reducing travel time and related stresses for the patient, it is particularly helpful for patients with mobility issues, those located in rural areas, and patients of advanced age. With Florida’s aging population estimated to grow to 24 percent in 2030 and a potential doctor shortage expected by 2025, telemedicine can help bridge the gap between the growing number of patients and the decreasing supply of doctors. Does your community have the infrastructure needed to support telemedicine?

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