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More Than 100 Million Tons of Cargo Move Through Florida Each Year

The holiday season is under way and consumers everywhere are busy shopping for gifts. Whether purchased online or in person at a local retailer, the process of getting goods from manufacturing facilities around the world into our homes each and every day is an impressive synergy of free market enterprise, logistics planning and transportation infrastructure.

More than 100 million tons of cargo are shipped through Florida’s air and seaports each year. Once the products reach land, Florida’s top-ranked multimodal infrastructure provides the perfect support for goods movement, with 267,000 miles of road, 3,000 miles of rail and 15 cargo handling airports that ensure every single purchase reaches its ultimate destination. With more than 1 billion new consumers expected worldwide by 2020, how can Florida capitalize on its transportation networks to meet the increased global demand for products?

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To learn more about transportation and logistics and its impact on Florida’s economy, register for the Florida Chamber Foundation’s 2015 Transportation Summit on December 10, in Jacksonville.


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