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The Florida Chamber Foundation’s Six Pillars Caucus System™ is comprised of more than 400 top business leaders and issue experts from around the state. They are the guiding force in the development of Florida 2030, Florida’s new strategic plan. At the state level, the Steering Committee for each Pillar is formed by the Foundation’s Board of Trustees and additional issues experts. A primary level of support and engagement is created by those participating as Caucus Members, including online engagement via the Six Pillars collaborative website. In-person deliberations and webinars throughout the year facilitate the identification of policy options for inclusion in Florida 2030. These options are then passed to the Florida Chamber and other partners for further deliberation leading to selection of those policies that may contribute to the annual business agenda of any given year. Caucus members are a diverse and collaborative group of leaders from every part of Florida and from every industry who are focused on Florida’s long-term future. The Florida Chamber Foundation’s Caucus System is made up of more than 45 issues that matter to building a state that is creating jobs, remaining globally competitive, and fostering vibrant and sustainable communities.

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FOUNDATION: Join a Six Pillars Caucus
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