Six Ways You Can Engage in the Florida Chamber’s International Program

International Relationships Matter to Florida’s Economy

The Florida Chamber is committed to connecting Florida’s business community to global opportunities and leveraging resources and investments to maintain and expand Florida’s position as an international trade leader. In order to meet the goal of doubling Florida-origin exports, Florida’s role in international trade must continue to strengthen.


1. Global Florida

Connects Florida companies to resources, helping them understand market trends, promoting opportunities, collaborating and advancing policy initiatives in each of for major geographic regions of the world:



2. Florida Chamber’s International Issue Page

The Florida Chamber will continue to support initiatives that encourage growth in international trade and marketing. In order to boost international competitiveness, we will continue to implement the recommendations in the Florida Chamber Foundation’s Trade & Logistics 2.0 Report which can help create 150,000 private sector high-wage jobs. Visit the Florida Chamber’s International Issue Page.


3. International Days

Annual statewide gathering which brings together business leaders, international diplomats, top international trade and industry experts and many more to discuss the significant role international business has in Florida’s economy and in your business. (Learn More)


4. International Business Council

The governing group of all the international committees charged with the overall goal of building and promoting Florida’s global competitiveness through advocacy, education and information. Those on the International Business Council help coordinate Florida World Trade Month activities as well as participate in Team Florida Economic Trade Missions, which are led by Enterprise Florida.



5. International Policy Committee

This committee develops the Florida Chamber’s state and federal international policy positions and recommendations that impact Florida’s global competitiveness.



6. Florida Trade & Logistics Institute

Implements the goals set forth in the Florida Chamber Foundation’s Trade and Logistics Study 2.0. Key to efforts is informing and engaging Florida’s public and private sector leaders in support of economic development opportunities for our state by maintaining and expanding its role as a global trade hub.


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