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How FloridaWins.Org Can Help Employees Get Involved

Imagine a news organization that provides you with information about the elections and candidates running for office, without telling you what to think or how to vote. It may be hard to imagine, especially in light of recent polls showing fewer Americans than ever trust information provided by the news media. Enter, a non-partisan news and information service designed to help employers communicate with employees about the upcoming elections and the candidates running for office.

Recognizing Floridians are fed up with partisan politics, set out on a mission in 2014 to provide only one thing: the facts. does not endorse candidates and does not promote one party over another – it simply provides the facts to Floridians and lets each person decide where they stand.

In 2016, has stepped up its efforts to educate Floridians about the issues and elections. In addition to regular articles and animated videos covering the issues, the website staff interviewed candidates running for election to the Florida House and Senate and asked them questions about jobs, healthcare and education. The result? More than 100 candidates have a video posted on that allows voters to compare their answers to the questions, side-by-side.

More than 20 regional chambers of commerce have partnered with to help the business community engage its employees in non-partisan voter education efforts. Although many business leaders have responded, more are needed. To help make elections easier for your employees and their friends and family members, contact Greg Blosé at or call 850-521-1243 to get your free copy of the voter engagement toolkit. The toolkit will provide you with the dates, messaging and other tools you need to help educate your employees about the upcoming election.

When your employees are educated and involved, Florida Wins.

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