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Healthcare Partnership Spotlight: Johnson & Johnson Vision Care

Tell us about your company/organization:

At Johnson & Johnson Vision, part of Johnson & Johnson, we are working to redefine healthy sight for life. Through our operating companies, we deliver innovation that enables eye care professionals to create better outcomes for patients throughout their lives, with products and technologies that address unmet eye health needs.

Johnson & Johnson Vision has been rooted in Jacksonville, Florida for more than 40 years (since 1981) and impacts more than 41 million patients1 globally each year. Our portfolio offers tools for every stage of a person’s eye health journey, from contact lenses and intraocular lenses to childhood myopia and cataract surgery. This includes ACUVUE® brand contact lenses—the most trusted brand by eye care professionals and worn by more people than any other contact lens brand.

What is your biggest concern related to healthcare in Florida?

Across the state, more than two million Floridians2 are living with vision impairment. We’re working to support access to eye health, education, and care in local communities. At Johnson & Johnson Vision, we’re collaborating with our signature charity partners to help expand access to quality eye care, and we are committed to helping people see better, connect better, live better.

We’re actively increasing access to care in local communities through our partnerships with Lions Clubs International Foundation, which co-founded Sight For Kids with Johnson & Johnson Vision to ensure children have access to eye health services; and HCP Cureblindness, which works to eliminate preventable and curable blindness in under-resourced communities.

Why did you join the Healthcare Partnership and what impact is the Partnership having on outcomes in Florida?

The partnership’s impact is far-reaching. Along with the strong foundation, it will help strengthen our communities, raise eye health awareness, and expand access to care.

Johnson & Johnson is a global community of people blending heart, science, and ingenuity to profoundly change the trajectory of health for humanity. Anchored in Our Credo, we are called to put the well-being of the people we serve first. At Johnson & Johnson Vision, we embrace that responsibility—that opportunity—as our Vision for Good. Joining the Healthcare Partnership means we can make a broad impact and spread our mission of “good” throughout our Florida communities and reach more people.

Being a part of the world’s largest and most broadly-based healthcare company wouldn’t mean much if we didn’t strive for change. Project by project, person by person, we’re committed to sharing our time, talents, and treasure to positively impact Floridians—helping provide solutions for some of the most pressing challenges including access to quality eye health.

Kara Leonard serves as the Head of Human Resources for Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, which is based in Jacksonville, Florida. Johnson & Johnson Vision Care is a member of the Florida Chamber of Commerce Board of Governors, a group of leading companies in Florida committed to securing Florida’s Future.


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