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Healthcare Partnership Spotlight: Brandon Harvath, Christian Care Ministry/Medi-Share

Tell us about your company/organization:

Christian Care Ministry (CCM) is a non-profit that administers Medi-Share, a Christian community that comes together to share each other’s medical bills. CCM’s mission is “Connecting people to a Christ-centered community wellness experience based on faith, prayer, and personal responsibility.”

The Medi-Share program operates on a cost-sharing model, enabling our 400,000 members to share agreed-upon medical expenses with each other. We deliver an innovative and affordable health care funding solution that honors members’ Biblically-based values. Since 1993, Medi-Share has been a viable solution to rising health care costs, providing an affordable choice for faith-based consumers. Each month, almost 400,000 Medi-Share members across America share more than $50 million of one another’s medical expenses.

Christian Care Ministry is headquartered in Melbourne, FL and employs more than 700 employees, with 447 in Florida, 128 in its second location in Colorado Springs, and more than 150 who work remotely from other states. CCM is a certified “Great Place to Work” for many reasons, including a weekly chapel, employee wellness program, and competitive salary and benefits. Our employees also appreciate three full days a year of “Mission PTO” to use to volunteer in the local community.

This commitment to service is illustrated by our annual “Day of Sharing,” where our employees come together to celebrate the heart of our ministry, by serving in our local communities. We are excited to celebrate our “5th Annual Day of Sharing” on Saturday, October 1st.

What is your biggest concern related to healthcare in Florida?

As an innovator in the healthcare space with our Medi-Share program where members share each other’s healthcare costs, CCM’s biggest concern regarding healthcare in Florida, and throughout the country, is the ability for patients to access care using self-pay or privately funded programs like Medi-Share.

As a former healthcare system CEO, I’m also very concerned about the continued restriction on the number of residencies and the overall lack of doctors as a result. Regulation and restriction continue to artificially reduce the number of doctors coming out of school and residency. Access to primary care is getting harder and harder as a result, not to mention the litigious society that we live in making it difficult for doctors to run a practice and make a fair profit. Real free and competitive markets with price transparency, not driven by over-regulation, will ultimately increase competition and reduce overall cost.

Why did you join the Healthcare Partnership and what impact is the Partnership having on outcomes in Florida? (Lindsey working on)

We joined the Healthcare Partnership because we wanted a seat at the table, even as an “out of the box” healthcare solution. Many Floridians and Americans lack basic access to healthcare and this is a heavy burden for many to carry. We believe in sharing each other’s burdens and that is why we are a part of the Healthcare Partnership. This partnership allows for a unique collaboration with diverse organizations that are committed to seeing our communities transformed through personal impact. There is not a one size fits all solution to healthcare but this is where exciting innovative ideas become reality to meet today’s current needs and plan towards the future of healthcare.

Brandon Harvath, Chief Operating Officer

Brandon Harvath joined CCM as COO in May 2021. Brandon has held leadership roles for Highmark, Cigna, Independence Blue Cross and MBNA/Bank of America. Most recently, Brandon served as CEO at Saint Francis Healthcare, a large hospital in Wilmington, DE.

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