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Nearly 72% of Florida’s workforce leaders have informed the Florida Workforce Needs Study 2.0 that they have struggled to find qualified talent over the past year. Through the Future of Work Florida Initiative, the Florida Chamber has developed a multi-year plan to unite and harness the power of thousands of Florida businesses, dozens of local chambers and economic development groups, education and workforce partners, HR leaders, hiring managers and more, to turn this workforce crisis into a competitive strength for Florida.

Millions of jobs will require certifications and credentials, but not necessarily 4-year degrees. In this business-led effort the Future of Work Florida Initiative will promote the importance of career exploration and align market needs with talent supply.

To unite with us in tackling Florida’s talent crisis head on, we invite you to take the following actions:

1. Take the Florida Workforce Needs Survey 2.0 – Part Two to help inform the research and solutions needed to sharpen the hard and soft skills of Florida’s talent to create America’s BEST workforce.

2. Subscribe to our Future of Work Florida Podcast to stay connected on the issues impacting Florida’s workforce and the resources available to address them.

3. Learn more about the Future of Work Florida Initiative and address your company’s talent needs by contacting and exploring the resources available through Florida’s following education, workforce, and training partners.


5. Contact Rachel Ludwig, if your company is interested in joining our Future of Work Florida Advisory Board to invest in efforts to secure the future of Florida’s workforce.

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