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Furthering Smarter and More Competitive Tax Policies


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Why It Matters to Florida

A competitive and equitable tax system creates jobs and strengthens the economy. With 26 million people expected to call Florida home by 2030, Florida will need to create 1.7 million jobs. One key to creating jobs for this growing population will be a competitive and equitable tax system. Yet, Florida is the only state in the nation that taxes businesses on rent – setting up discouraging and discriminatory tax policies.

Florida’s Competitiveness Agenda

In order for Florida’s businesses to grow and remain competitive the Florida Chamber will continue to support:

The Fight for Free Enterprise Continues

The time for targeted tax reform is now. Meaningful and pro-growth tax reform will position Florida for stronger economic growth. Lowering taxes, simplifying America’s tax code and cutting the Florida-only business rent tax will help relieve burdens on Florida’s business, job creators, and families. Instead of short-term solutions, the Florida Chamber believes in creating long-term sustainable outcomes so Florida can continue to attract and grow the top businesses in the nation.

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