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Free Enterprise and Economic Development Go Hand in Hand

Last week, I had an opportunity to speak at The Federalist Society meeting in Orlando to discuss how free enterprise and economic development go hand in hand. The Federalist Society, an organization that seeks to promote legal order and individual liberties, provided an opportunity for us to share our state’s success story. In Florida, you cannot discuss free enterprise without pointing out the economic development successes we’ve seen. Consider the following:

The path to Florida’s success was and is paved by a united businesses community that rallies behind a competitiveness agenda that focuses on free enterprise. Yet, as I shared with leaders last week, our work is far from over. If Florida’s economic success is to be used as an example on how to lead the nation and move our economy forward, we must:

Free enterprise principles create jobs and economic opportunity for all Floridians, and help ensure each of our 67 counties are moving toward the same goal—securing our state’s long-term future.


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