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Florida Chamber Unveils 2017 Competitiveness Agenda

“Florida business leaders are optimistic about the changes taking place at the national level, but we also remain realistic that the road ahead is challenging”

The Florida Chamber of Commerce this week unveiled its 2017 Competitiveness Agenda – #MakeFLMoreCompetitive – a step-by-step legislative roadmap that focuses resources and expertise to advance jobs, competitiveness and economic opportunity for Floridians.

The Florida Legislature can take steps now to help ensure a stronger business climate that will grow jobs and the economy now and into the future. Chief among the Florida Chamber’s recommendations to #MakeFLMoreCompetitive are:

Based on input from Florida Chamber members, local chambers of commerce, partner associations, research, and unfinished business from 2016, the Florida Chamber’s 2017 Competitiveness Agenda is a blueprint of legislative priorities that it will lobby, track and score this Legislative Session.

Thank you to those who stood with us this week:

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