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Meet Your 2017 Education Summit Keynote: Mary O’Hara-Devereaux

Florida Chamber Series on Free Enterprise: Mary O’Hara-Devereaux


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“It’s a whole different set of knowledge and skills that are required to participate in any kind of mid-level or higher end job… if you want to play in the future, you’ve got to have the right skills.”




Meet Mary O’Hara Devereaux, founder and CEO of Global Foresight, globally renowned futurist, and keynote speaker at the Florida Chamber Foundation’s 2017 Learners to Earners Education Summit.

“Education and business need to become better partners, and this isn’t a ‘nice’ thing to do- it’s a critical thing to do. This has to happen at multiple levels- it can’t be that you just learn when you get to a corporation. There has to be input, advice, decision making about K-12 between business and education. And they have to have, not just a voice at the table, but they have to have a vote at the table about what kind of knowledge and skills young children need today, even at preschool education.


I think we need radical innovation in the relationships between business and education… my forecast is that it will be impossible for the United States of America to be competitive in the future… without that kind of partnership between business and education- and we don’t have any time to lose.”


You Can Continue This Conversation In Orlando

Hear Mary live at the Education Summit, where you will have a chance to ask questions on the future of work, education and how the business community plays a crucial role.

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