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Florida Chamber Series on Free Enterprise: Featuring Pat Ouimet, Tropicana Products, Inc.


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Tropicana Helps Citrus Growers

For more than 70 years Tropicana has been adding to the American breakfast by getting freshly squeezed Florida orange juice into grocery stores across the U.S. We recently sat down with Pat Ouimet, Chief Greening Officer at Tropicana Products Inc. to discuss their role in Florida’s economy and the challenges Tropicana and other citrus growers are facing nationally and globally.

“Citrus greening is the most important challenge facing citrus, worldwide,” said Pat Ouimet. “Since the disease took over in 2007, 2008, it’s ravaged about 100,000 acres of orange growth and has reduced the growth of the crop on average about 12-13 percent, so this year’s Florida orange crop is only about half of what it was ten years ago.”

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Locally and Globally, the Impacts of Florida’s Agriculture Industry are Undeniable

Florida’s agriculture and natural resources industry is one of Florida’s foundational industries and continues to lead the way in the nation’s production of fresh fruits and vegetables. Together with Florida’s food industry, the agriculture and natural resources industry is helping to create more than one million full and part-time direct jobs in Florida. If you believe Florida’s agriculture and natural resources industry can continue to lead the way in the nation, sign the petition today



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