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Florida Chamber Series on Free Enterprise: Cressman Bronson


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Keeping Florida’s Agriculture Industry Strong

Cressman Bronson, Florida Chamber Regional Board Chair for the Florida Chamber’s Palm Beach/Treasure Coast region and Region President for the Florida East Market for PNC Bank, talks about the importance of Florida’s agriculture and natural resources industry on the latest edition of the Florida Chamber’s Series on Free Enterprise.

“The industry itself represents about 14.7 [percent] of the GDP and 14.1 percent of the total employment in Florida. We have about 1.6 million full-time and part-time direct jobs in, not only agriculture, but in natural resources and food industry,” Bronson said. “My first job as a teenager, in northwest Ohio, was on a farm. I saw at a very early age, the importance of farming and the impact that it has on this country.”


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Help Secure Florida’s Agriculture and Natural Resources Industry

Florida’s agriculture and natural resources industry is one of Florida’s foundational industries and continues to lead the way in the nation’s production of fresh fruits and vegetables. If you believe the industry can continue to lead the way in the nation, sign the petition today.

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