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2016 Election Results: Voters Elect Pro-Jobs Candidates

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Polls across Florida have closed, and the votes are in.

At the Florida Chamber of Commerce, we’ll be working through the night to provide a detailed analysis of all 2016 races for the Florida House and Florida Senate. We look forward to sharing a more complete analysis with you tomorrow.

Tonight, we’re pleased to share that, 74 of the 77 Florida Chamber-backed candidates endorsed in the General Election won. The Florida Chamber looks forward to welcoming all 160 legislators to Tallahassee in two weeks for Organizational Session and the beginning of discussions to fix Florida’s workers’ compensation system.


Although analysis will continue throughout the night, here are a few noteworthy stats:

During this election cycle, the Florida Chamber’s Political Operation Team:

Based on the most recent election results:


Congratulations to tonight’s General Election winners, and stay tuned for a more complete analysis tomorrow.

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