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Florida Chamber Leaders in Support of the Florida Prosperity Initiative

The Florida Chamber Foundation is ramping up efforts to end inequality of opportunity in Florida and asking businesses, local chambers and organization throughout Florida to play a vital role. Diversity, inclusion and creating equity of opportunity are all essential to cutting childhood poverty in half in Florida. The Florida Chamber and the Florida Chamber Foundation are leading the way to promote racial and social equity solutions through collective action by our chamber network and partners.

We realize many companies already serve as examples by having set the foundation for change and for that we say “thank you.” As you improve further on your efforts, may we all transcend our existing histories, perspectives, and policies to together make Florida the national example of leadership and the quintessential leader in driving change.

If are a local chamber or countywide organization and would be interested in becoming a Prosperity Leader for your county, please complete the form below. Your organization’s name will be added to our growing list of leaders who are leading the way to creating a path to prosperity for all Floridians.

If you have questions or would like additional information, contact the Prosperity Initiative Executive Director Michael Williams at

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