Florida Chamber is Proud to Endorse Rick Roth

Pro-Business, Pro-Jobs Candidate for House District 85


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The Florida Chamber of Commerce today announces its endorsement of Representative Rick Roth for Florida House District 85.

“As a small business owner, Representative Rick Roth understands that in order to secure Florida’s future we must continue to advance policies that help businesses grow and stay in Florida,” said Marian Johnson, Senior Vice President of Political Strategy at the Florida Chamber of Commerce. “The Florida Chamber is proud to endorse Representative Rick Roth for the Florida House.”

Representative Rick Roth was endorsed for his strong pro-jobs, pro-business commitment to helping create jobs and moving Florida in the right direction, and based on grades received on the Florida Chamber’s Legislative Report Card.

“It’s an honor to be recognized by the Florida Chamber of Commerce. I am proud of what we’ve accomplished,” said Representative Rick Roth. “This legislative session, we were able to reduce taxes and fees for businesses, veterans and first responders. We voted to add a constitutional amendment to the November ballot that, if passed, will require a vote by a supermajority in the legislature before there are any increases in Florida taxes or fees. I was also delighted to introduce and pass legislation that provides for tougher penalties for theft of farmers’ property.”



2018 Legislative Report Card Grade: A


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