Florida Chamber is Proud to Endorse Doug Holder

Pro-Business, Pro-Jobs Candidate for Senate District 23

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The Florida Chamber of Commerce  announces its endorsement of Doug Holder for Florida Senate District 23.

“As a state representative, Doug Holder consistently championed free-enterprise, and the Florida Chamber of Commerce believes he will bring that same spirit for free enterprise to the Florida Senate,” said MARIAN JOHNSON, Senior Vice President of Political Strategy at the Florida Chamber of Commerce. “The Florida Chamber is proud to endorse Doug Holder for the Florida Senate.”

Doug Holder’s strong pro-jobs, pro-business commitment to helping create private-sector jobs and moving Florida’s economy in the right direction are among the key reasons he has secured the Florida Chamber’s endorsement. During his tenure in the Florida House of Representatives, Holder consistently earned an “A” on the Florida Chamber’s annual Legislative Report Card.

“I am thrilled to, once again, be endorsed by the Florida Chamber,” DOUG HOLDER said. “As a small business owner I understand the impact of excessive taxation and burdensome regulation. I know that I can always count on the Florida Chamber to be a partner in protecting Florida businesses.”


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