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Florida Chamber Foundation Report Shows Florida’s Economy Loses Nearly $5.4 billion Annually Due to Childcare Crisis

The Florida Chamber Foundation released a new report examining the impact of childcare challenges on Florida’s economy. This report is part of a national “Untapped Potential in FL” research effort that reveals the cost of childcare challenges and opportunities to unlock economic potential for states, employers, and working parents.

“Increases in costs of housing, food, and daily necessities have changed the landscape of the U.S. economy and, by nature, America’s workforce,” said Florida Chamber Foundation Senior Vice President of Equality of Opportunity Kyle Baltuch. “However, for working parents of young children, there is one issue that exceeds all others in impacting their decision, or ability, to work and contribute to Florida’s economy. That issue is access to high-quality early learning and childcare.”

The study, conducted in partnership with the National Chamber Foundation, found that childcare issues result in an estimated $5.38 billion loss annually for Florida’s economy, including a $911 million annual loss in tax revenue and a $3.47 billion yearly cost due to childcare-related employee turnover and absenteeism.

Childcare gaps drive parents out of the workforce, reduce tax revenue for Florida, and put undue strain on Florida households and businesses.

Key findings from the Untapped Potential in FL report include:

To learn more about how barriers to childcare may be impacting your community and Florida’s economy, check out the “Untapped Potential in FL” report by clicking HERE>.

As we strive to secure the path to prosperity in Florida from cradle to career, we invite you to join our Florida Equality of Opportunity Initiative’s efforts to tackle barriers to opportunity in Florida. Contact Zenani Johnson at to find out how you can get involved in your neighborhood.


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