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Florida Chamber Foundation Releases Florida Workforce Needs Study 2.0 Research to Further Address Florida’s Talent Skills Gaps

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The Florida Chamber Foundation’s Florida 2030 Blueprint established a unifying goal of growing Florida to the 10th largest economy in the world by 2030. Within the Six Pillars Framework outlined in the Blueprint, the “Talent Supply and Education” pillar stands as the first area to address to achieve the bold vision.

In response to the pressing workforce crisis faced in Florida and throughout the nation, this morning, the Florida Chamber Foundation released the highly anticipated Florida Workforce Needs Study 2.0. This landmark study serves as a sequel to the Florida Workforce Needs Study 1.0, diving deeper into the challenges faced by Florida job creators in their quest to find the right talent match. The study builds upon the Chamber Foundation’s ongoing efforts to analyze and proactively address the skills gaps and opportunities present in the Florida labor market.

Currently, for every 100 open jobs in Florida, 91 people are looking for work, and not all job-seeking talent is qualified to fill those open positions. Florida generally creates 1 in every 13 new jobs in the US, so our continued economic growth depends on having the right talent at the right time.

“Talent remains the number one tool in Florida’s economic development toolkit, and we continue to have more open jobs than qualified people to fill them,” said Mark Wilson, President of the Florida Chamber of Commerce and Foundation. “Florida’s workforce needs are ever-evolving, and this means we need increased collaboration among business leaders, education and workforce development partners, and policymakers to ensure Florida’s talent pipeline is able to meet current and future demands.”

The Florida Workforce Needs Study 2.0 presents a multifaceted analysis of the key factors influencing the attraction and development of the right talent in Florida. The study examines various aspects such as in-demand soft and technical skills, availability of training resources and funds, and legislative measures to meet the workforce needs of Florida employers. According to US News and World Report, Florida has the number one rated college and university system in America and our PreK-12 system is in the top 10. The next step for Florida is to align the needs of our job creators with our top-rated training and education partners.

Employer-centric strategies to bridge the workforce gaps are a significant focus of this study. The strategies were developed through direct engagement with employers throughout Florida via regional focus groups, thorough analysis of job postings, and exploration of potential channels to align education with workforce requirements.

Key findings from the Florida Workforce Needs Study 2.0 include:

“We believe the Florida Workforce Needs Study 2.0 will guide employers toward solving Florida’s talent crisis,” said Rachel Ludwig, Vice President of Talent Development for the Future of Work at the Florida Chamber Foundation. “Our foundation and the Future of Work Florida Initiative encourage Florida’s job creators, education and training partners, and elected officials to use the insights and recommendations in this report to collaborate effectively, implement strategic solutions, and drive meaningful progress in developing a skilled and competitive workforce.”

To access the Florida Workforce Needs Study 2.0, click here.

The Florida Chamber Foundation thanks CareerSource Florida, Saint Gobain, Tampa General Hospital, Wells Fargo, the Florida Chamber Federation of Local Chambers of Commerce, and other key industry partners for providing valuable insights and helping to engage hundreds of Florida employers in this research.

What research partners and stakeholders are saying:

“Florida’s path to the 10th largest economy in the world hinges on our ability to equip our workforce with the skills needed in today’s rapidly evolving job market. By aligning education, training, and policy with industry demands, we can ensure that every Floridian has the opportunity to thrive and contribute to Florida’s success.”-The Honorable Corey Simon, Chair of the Florida Senate Education PreK-12 Committee, Senate District 3

“As the state invests in key industries, the CareerSource Florida network is working to ensure our state has the talent infrastructure to meet those needs, by building partnerships with our public and private educational institutions and employers. We’re actively ensuring our industries are well equipped to meet Florida’s growing demand so that Florida can become number one in the nation for workforce education by 2030.” -Adrienne Johnston, President & CEO, CareerSource Florida

“The thing that I love the most about the state college system is not just our responsiveness to the business community; it is the work that we have done to co-create curriculum with input from our workforce partners to make sure that what we offer is not only relevant but timely.” -Dr. Tonjua Williams, President, St. Petersburg College

“Florida’s public universities are preparing students today for careers of tomorrow and jobs that don’t even exist yet. We work closely with our partners in the business community to ensure our curriculum and programs align with workforce demands and provide our students with the skills needed for success.” -Rhea Law, President, University of South Florida

“I regularly hear about the need for technical skills and soft skills as a member of the Future of Work Florida Advisory Board. The Future of Work Florida Initiative was created to bring together job creators, industry leaders, and partners to showcase the careers of the future and the industries with growth potential.” -Sarah Marmion, Sr. Manager of Education & Outreach Centers, Florida Power & Light Company

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