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Florida Chamber Bottom Line: Representative Rommel Is Working to Improve Florida’s Lawsuit Abuse Climate


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Representative Bob Rommel Is Working to Improve Florida’s Bottom-Five Legal Climate

The latest Florida Chamber Bottom Line, features Representative Bob Rommel, Chair of the House Civil Justice Committee discussing the work he is doing to improve Florida’s bottom-five legal climate and protect Florida’s business climate.

“When I first ran for office, in the [Florida] Chamber [candidate] interview, I said tort reform was important to me because as a business owner I saw the continuous rise in my liability insurance and my healthcare insurance and all my insurance rates were rising,” said Rommel.

When asked why Assignment of Benefits (AOB) reform is important, Rommel said:

“[Assignment of Benefits reform] Is important because all Floridians pay a much higher insurance rate for their homeowners than any other state, and it’s not because we have hurricanes and it’s not because of the inclement weather, it’s because of bad actors.”


Three Ways to Get Involved:

  1. Sign the petition seeking AOB reform by visiting www.FightFraud.Today.
  2. Be the first to know when registration opens for the Florida Chamber’s annual Insurance Summit taking place November 2019.
  3. Contact your Representative and Senators encourage them to pass AOB reform (SB 122 and HB 7065)
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