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Ernie Barnett, Executive Director of the Florida Land Council, discusses water permitting processes at the state and federal level in the latest edition of the Florida Chamber’s Bottom Line public affairs program. Barnett talks about how similar permits at both the state and federal level create unnecessary regulations and highlights the bills going through the 2018 legislative process that are attempting to address this issue.


“There’s a lot of duplication because of these two parallel permits that take place,” Barnett said. “The state has shown a propensity to expedite its permits, get to the answer very quickly, very receptive to the need to protect the environment and at the same time provide the authorities for the economy to grow. The federal government lags a little bit behind, primarily because they don’t have the resources and the expediency to do the permitting.”


Today lawmakers will hear HB 7043, which reduces confusion and time delays in the wetland permitting process, while also maintaining the exact same existing environmental protections.


Two Ways To Take Action Now

Adopting smart policies that take into consideration long-term needs, will benefit Florida’s families and businesses. Join us in our battle to find sustainable water solutions for our state.


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  2. Watch Securing Florida’s Water Future, a series of educational videos solely focused on ensuring Florida’s water future is sustainable and provides the quality of life Floridians and visitors deserve.


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