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Bill to Limit Mandates on Businesses Passes Full Legislature

The Florida Legislature today passed a bill that would prevent mandates on businesses that use polystyrene and Styrofoam products, a Florida Chamber of Commerce 2016 legislative priority.

The Florida Chamber believes that costly employer mandates too often puts government in the way of entrepreneurs, families and communities instead of providing the framework for success so they can thrive.

Many times, these regulations can make the best business practices available illegal. Under HB 7007, sponsored by Representative Jake Raburn (R-Valrico), businesses can continue to use polystyrene products, like Styrofoam, in the handling of food.

This important bill prevents a patchwork of inconsistent local regulations against grocery stores, restaurants and convenience stores that currently use polystyrene products, but continues to allow local governments to ban polystyrene products in areas such as public beaches and parks in order to protect Florida’s precious natural resources.

Additionally, this bill will ensure that the safe and sanitary transportation of food by the most reliable means cannot be made illegal by a local ordinance.

The Florida Chamber commends the Florida Legislature and Rep. Raburn for their commitment to Florida’s businesses and natural resources.

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