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Florida Chamber Announces Representative Tom Leek Named a 2017 Distinguished Advocate


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The Florida Chamber of Commerce is proud to announce that Representative Tom Leek is one of the Florida Chamber’s 2017 Distinguished Advocates for his commitment to championing pro-jobs, pro-business legislation.

The Florida Chamber’s Distinguished Advocate award recognizes lawmakers who fought tirelessly for the passage of pro-business legislation – no matter how difficult – and furthered the Florida Chamber’s goals of securing Florida’s future through job creation and economic development.

To view Representative Leek’s complete grading and district information, click here.


“Representative Tom Leek worked closely with the Florida Chamber to improve Florida’s bottom-10 legal environment by passing legislation to slow down drive-by lawsuit abuse,” said DAVID HART, Executive Vice President of the Florida Chamber of Commerce.


“I am honored to be a ‘Distinguished Advocate,’ and to join the names of legislators preceding me. As a businessman and former regional chamber chair, I am proud to share the Chamber’s vales of economic prosperity and free enterprise. I look forward to working alongside the Chamber for years to come, fighting for a more prosperous Florida,” REPRESENTATIVE LEEK said.


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