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FL 2030 Trailblazer Spotlight – Dr. Kent Ingle, Southeastern University

Tell us a little bit about Southeastern University.

Southeastern University is a private, regionally accredited non-profit university primarily based out of Lakeland, Florida. Last year, we hit a new record enrollment of 10,044 students. Over the last decade, our enrollment has increased by over 250%, largely due to our innovative partnership model. With this model, we can provide access to education in partnership with local businesses and non-profits at a third of the cost compared to a traditional college experience.

What made you join the Florida Chamber Foundation’s Board of Trustees, and what would you say to other Florida leaders about the benefit of this partnership?

We joined the Florida Chamber Foundation because we believe in the importance of strengthening Florida’s infrastructure. We value the opportunity to provide educational resources that will equip quality talent to align with community-targeted workforce needs. As an institution, we want to be involved in our community and in our state in every capacity possible. We appreciate the opportunity to shape Florida’s prosperity.

What are Southeastern University’s particular areas of interest as they apply to reaching the Florida 2030 Blueprint goals aimed at making Florida a top 10 global economy by 2030?

We expect to contribute toward many of the Florida 2030 Blueprint goals. Most of all, we are committed to Improving Florida’s Talent Pipeline for a Better Workforce. As a Higher Ed institution, we are uniquely positioned to help our state in this capacity. We always prioritize need-oriented programs like nursing, education, cyber-security, and trades. By focusing on these programs we hope to boost Florida’s pool of qualified, employable, residents.

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