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What to Expect From Emerging Markets

India has ousted China as the emerging market with the most growth potential, according to Agility’s latest Emerging Markets Logistic Index.

The top 5 ranking positions for Market Connectedness with ports and infrastructure are:

  1. UAE
  2. Malaysia
  3. China
  4. Chile
  5. Saudi Arabia

The report also covers “Markets on the Move,” “Trade Lanes,” and an “Outlook and Overview.” Findings highlighted concern of volatility in the global economy and were reflected in eight of the top 10 emerging markets shifting positions.  China still remains at the top of the Logistics Index despite, economic concerns.  The Asian trade lanes are highlighted as the most promising for growth.

Among the top 10, countries that are taking steps to diversity and embark on economic and business climate reforms are UAE, India, and Malaysia.

What This Means For Florida:

As Florida strive to improve our connectivity and access to other markets, we should be mindful of opportunities that non-traditional markets bring.  Emerging markets are still ripe for growth in the coming decades but diversifying our trading partners is essential to stay ahead of the game.

The Florida Chamber has long advocated for policies that call for strategic investments in international economic development.  From continuing our support of Enterprise Florida export capacity building grants for small businesses and opening and supporting our foreign offices, to investing in a marketing campaign to promote the state globally – all are strategies that where highlighted in the Florida Chamber Foundation’s Trade and Logistics Studies and continue to be part of the Florida Business Agenda.

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