Transportation, Growth & Infrastructure Solution Summit

Virtual, FL

08 Dec 2020

09 Dec 2020

Transportation, Growth & Infrastructure Solution Summit

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The Transportation, Growth & Infrastructure Solution Summit is the state’s premier conference for discussing the future of Florida’s energy, telecommunications, transportation, and logistics industries. As Florida grows from the 17th largest economy in the world to the Florida Chamber goal of the 10th largest, these industries are proactive preparing for new residents, employees, and consumers. Join Florida’s business leaders, visionaries, and policymakers as we chart the future of Florida.

The speakers are C-Suite Executives and topics will include the opportunities in Florida’s Transportation Plan, the latest updates in Florida’s water infrastructure investments, how COVID-19 is changing commercial real estate and traffic patterns, how Florida businesses are leading the charge in the adoption of electric and autonomous vehicles, and how policymakers will react to the ever changing landscape.

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About the Florida Chamber Foundation:

The Florida Chamber Foundation is a 501(c) (3) charitable organization that focuses on research and initiatives to make our state a leading place in the world to live and work. The Florida Chamber Foundation does not lobby or conduct any political activities whatsoever.

How Shall We Grow? Why Infrastructure Matters

Presentation Description
Welcome and Opening Remarks
Mark Wilson, President & CEO, Florida Chamber of Commerce
Mark Wilson will deliver remarks on the strangeness of the year, the continued importance of infrastructure, and the acceleration of some trends. He will lay out why infrastructure will continue to matter and why Florida needs to be deliberate and forward thinking in the decade ahead.
Florida's New Demographics
Jerry Parrish, Ph.D., Chief Economist, Florida Chamber Foundation
Dr. Parrish will show data on the expected population increases and economic predictions for the coming budget years.
Florida Housing Challenges
Brad O'Connor, Ph.D., Chief Economist, Florida Realtors
Dr. O’Connor will discuss the housing shortage caused by the lack of new builds and growth. Florida’s housing market is like a game of musical chairs, where we are adding more players than chairs each and every day.
Opportunity for All Floridians
The Honorable Kathleen Passidomo, Florida Senate, District 28

The COVID Workplace

Presentation Description
Home Sweet Office: Remote Work and the Impact on Commercial Real Estate
Nancy Muscatello, Managing Consultant, CoStar Advisory Services
COVID-19 has changed the use of commercial real estate landscape, with some companies investing in restructuring office plans while others are moving locations to take advantage of the new trends of remote work. In this data driven discussion, Ms. Muscatello will discuss the latest data from the perspective of one of America’s leading analytical firms.
Is the Commute Over? The Future of Remote Work and Transportation
Rogan Donelly, President & CEO, Tervis Tumbler
Tervis CEO Rogan Donelly will discuss how their company went fully remote during the COVID-19 pandemic and why they may never go back.
Future of Air Travel
Joe Lopano, CEO, Tampa International Airport
TPA CEO Joe Lopano will discuss how COVID-19 has impacted the air industry and what communities can expect from a reimagined air travel experience.

Energy in the Next Decade

Presentation Description
Electrifying Florida's Roads and Future
Catherine Stempien, CEO, Duke Energy
CEO Catherine Stempien will discuss Duke Energy’s vision for the future – a cleaner transportation system, a more resilient grid, and more data driving decisions across the state.
The Headwinds and Tailwinds of Florida’s Future Energy
Hear what one of Florida’s leading companies thinks the next ten years will look like for Florida’s energy portfolio.

Meeting Florida’s 2030 Water Needs

Presentation Description
Florida's Water Needs
Secretary Noah Valenstein, Florida's Chief Resilience Officer
The Florida Department of Environmental Protection Secretary will discuss Florida’s water future and Governor DeSantis’s environmental record.
Water Quantity
Johnnie P. James, President & CEO, Lykes Bros. Inc.
Florida’s water quality is improving, and now the conversation is beginning to turn to water quantity. Here from Lykes Brothers CEO Johnnie James and his team about how one of Florida’s leading companies is feeding Floridians while cleaning our waterways.
Funding Florida's Water Future
The Honorable Wilton Simpson, Florida Senate, District 18; Senate President

The Future of Florida’s Infrastructure

Presentation Description
Transportation Policy and Politics
David Hart, Executive Vice President of Government & Political Relations, Florida Chamber of Commerce
Florida Chamber EVP David Hart will give the latest political and policy landscape and talk about what Florida businesses need to do to help secure a bipartisan infrastructure package.
Florida's Changing Federal Delegation
Doug Callaway, Federal Lobbyist
FDOT’s Federal Lobbyist will introduce the new members of Florida’s federal delegation and what that may mean for Florida’s place in the halls of the U.S. Capitol.

Florida’s Transportation Future

Presentation Description
Chris Emmanuel, Director of Infrastructure and Governance Policy, Florida Chamber of Commerce
Chris Emmanuel will talk about the future of Florida’s technology in vehicles, farms, and homes.
Technology and Transportation: Roadmap to Florida’s Future
Kevin Thibault, Secretary of the Florida Department of Transportation
FDOT Secretary Thibault will deliver remarks on technology and transportation.
Global Magnet for Mobility Innovation and Leadership (Panel)

  • Beth Kigel,
  • Vice President
    Intelligent Transportation and
    Emerging Mobility Solutions,
    HNTB Corporation;
    Chair of Autonomous Florida

  • Senator Jeff Brandes

  • John Rossant,
  • Founder & CEO, CoMotion

HNTB Vice President and Autonomous Florida Chamber Beth Kigel will host a panel discussion with State Senator Jeff Brandes and CoMotion CEO John Rossant on the future of mobility, the leadership role Florida has taken, and what is needed to keep the Sunshine State in the drivers seat for the race to a driverless future.
Go Further: Why Ford Picked Florida
Scott Griffith, CEO, Ford Autonomous Vehicles LLC and Mobility Businesses
Scott will address the future of mobility and Ford's investment in south Florida.
Where Innovation Thrives

  • Joe Waggoner CEO, Tampa Hillsborough Expressway Authority

  • Nat Ford, CEO, Jacksonville Transportation Authority

CEO Joe Waggoner will show how public private partnerships are pioneering the rise of smart infrastructure.

CEO Nat Ford will talk about how autonomous vehicles can help solve some of the state’s most pressing transportation needs in a safe and environmentally friendly way.
Opportunity for Low Speed Autonomous Vehicles
Joe Moye, CEO, Beep

Future of Technology and Innovation at Work Today

Presentation Description
The Importance of Rural Connectivity
Senator Ben Albritton
State Senator Ben Albritton will talk about the importance of connectivity for all Floridians, and how the Florida Legislature is working with companies to expand access.
Expanding Florida’s Future Connectivity Through Smarter Partnerships (Panel)

  • Moderator - Brad Swanson
  • President & CEO, Florida Television Association

  • Casey Reed
  • Vice President of Government Affairs, AT&T Florida

  • Marva Johnson
  • Vice President, State Government Affairs - South Region, Charter Communications

Several of Florida’s leading telecommunication companies will discuss the opportunity for greater connectivity and the public policy solutions to help achieve the 2030 goal of greater access for all Floridians.
Making Connections: Rural Florida and the M-CORES
Ananth Prasad, President, Florida Transportation Builders Association

Hurricanes, Sea Level Rise, and Florida’s Future

Presentation Description
Charging a Path Forward on Florida's Climate Leadership
Dawn Shirreffs, Florida Director, Environmental Defense Fund
Strength in Numbers: Resiliency in Florida
Brittany Perkins Castillo, CEO, AshBritt Environmental
Hear how the private sector is at the cutting edge of preparing for a resilient future.
Rising to the Occasion: Meeting the Challenge of Sea Level Rise
The Honorable Chris Sprowls, Florida House of Representatives, District 65; House Speaker

Growing Florida’s Economy by Investing in Trade and Logistics

Presentation Description
Infrastructure as Economic Development
Rickey Fitzgerald, Manager, Manager, Freight & Multimodal Operations, Florida Department of Transportation
The Time is Now: A Manufacturing and Distribution Opportunity for Florida
Eric Green, CEO, JAXPORT
Hear why Florida ports see an opportunity to expand Florida’s manufacturing sector for exports both nationally and internationally.
The Need for Trade & Logistics 3.0
John Kaliski, Principal, Cambridge Systematics, Inc.

John Kaliski, one of the researchers behind the Florida Chamber Foundation’s Trade and Logistics Report 2.0 (2014), discusses the need for new information to meet the opportunities of the coming decade.