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Eric Silagy Discusses the Importance of International Trade

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The importance of international trade is the topic of discussion on the latest edition of the Florida Chamber’s Bottom Line.

Florida Power & Light President and CEO Eric Silagy, a past Florida Chamber chairman and the current chair of the Florida Chamber’s International Business Council, talked about the crucial role played by international trade in growing Florida’s economy.

Silagy said Florida has the right combination of a robust infrastructure, a desirable workforce and a favorable tax environment to attract international business.

“International trade has a huge impact on our state’s economy and employs over 2.5 million people,” ERIC SILAGY said.

“We have a lot of import and export businesses that are here, and our diverse, multicultural economy is terrific for attracting companies who really want to do business overseas but have the ability to headquarter here in a predictable, stable environment and then grow business elsewhere.”


Get Involved:

The Florida Chamber is set to host its annual International Days summit from Feb. 14-15 in Tallahassee. Leading international trade and industry experts will convene to discuss issues ranging from foreign direct investment to expanding Florida’s presence in global markets. Click here for more information about how to sign up.



 The Florida Chamber’s Bottom Line is a web-based program featuring key figures from Florida’s corridors of power. Hosting the conversation with Eric Silagy is Florida Chamber Executive Vice President of Government & Political Relations David Hart.





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