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Encourage the Florida House to “Market Florida”

As the budget conversation continues at the Florida Capitol, one thing is clear – the Florida House hasn’t heard from enough people that marketing our state’s business climate outside of Florida’s borders is important. The Florida Chamber is leading the effort to ask the Florida Legislature to invest a minimum of $20 million annually to market Florida’s business climate in other states.

Florida currently spends $0 telling Florida’s success story to businesses in other states in an effort to increase job creation in the Sunshine State. California spends $50 million in this area and New York is in the middle of a $200 million ad campaign. In their latest budget proposal, the Florida House recommends continuing to spend $0 to market our state’s business climate.

We can’t afford to have Florida be America’s “best kept secret”— but we need your help to change that! Click the “take action now” button to send an email to Florida House members. Encourage them to support the “Market Florida” initiative.

Florida’s business climate is continually ranked as the best for business. According to a report, Winning Strategies in Economic Development Marketing, Florida ranks second in the nation for having the best business climate, a ranking Chief Executive Magazine echoed in 2014. But what good are the rankings if we don’t tell anyone about them? That’s why we need your help urging the Florida House to fund the Market Florida initiative, which asks for $20 million per year in funding to tell the positive Florida business climate story to audiences outside of our state’s borders that are looking to invest in Florida or relocate their business.


Send Florida House members an email asking them to market Florida’s business climate.

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